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Company specializes in providing clean painting equipment, electrophoresis coating equipment, UV automatic spraying line, all kinds of manual, automatic spray equipment, painting equipment, enamel coating production line and assembly line equipment. Products related to auto parts, electronics, plastics, metals, telecommunications, wood, ceramics, stone and so on. Products: Plastic dust spindel coating line, automatic keypad precision coating line, coating line robot car bumper, LCD TV face frame robot spraying line, online tracking automatic spraying machine, UV automatic spraying line, reciprocating machine.... coating line, DISK automatic spraying line, ......

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  • Future coating technology road

    Future coating technology road

    Coating materials, coating technology, painting equipment, painting management is the four elements of automotive coating, complement each other to promote the coating process and technology progress and development. In the 21st century, which is called the environment-oriented new century,

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  • Ceramics, sports equipment, motorcycles Auto Parts Dust - free coating production line - the general treatment of waste gas

    Ceramics, sports equipment, motorcycles Auto Parts Dust - free coating production line - the general treatment of waste gas

    Painting is widely used in machinery, ceramics, sports equipment, cosmetics packaging, electrical equipment, household appliances, automobiles, ships, furniture and other industries clean automatic painting production line. Paint material - paint by the non-volatile and volatile components, non-volatile components, including film-forming substances and auxiliary film-forming substances, volatile components that solvents and thinners (mainly xylene).

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  • The future development of the coating industry

    The future development of the coating industry

    Painting refers to the coating by spraying the substrate coated with a layer of film, in order to achieve protection, decoration and special functional requirements, to extend the service life, beautiful, increase the added value of products purposes. Painting refers to the metal and non-metallic surface covered with protective layer or decorative layer, and coating machinery is based on the coating on the basis of the rapid development of the industry. With the development of industrial technology, coating has been from the manual to the direction of industrial automation, and the increasing degree of automation, so the application of coating production line more and more extensive and deep into the national economy in many fields.

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