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The future development of the coating industry


1.the coating industry definition

Painting refers to the coating by spraying the substrate coated with a layer of film, in order to achieve protection, decoration and special functional requirements, to extend the service life, beautiful, increase the added value of products purposes. Painting refers to the metal and non-metallic surface covered with protective layer or decorative layer, and coating machinery is based on the coating on the basis of the rapid development of the industry. With the development of industrial technology, coating has been from the manual to the direction of industrial automation, and the increasing degree of automation, so the application of coating production line more and more extensive and deep into the national economy in many fields.

Painting is engineering machinery, automobile and other products in the surface of the manufacturing process is an important part. Anti-rust, anti-corrosion coating quality is an important aspect of one of the important aspects of product quality. Product appearance quality not only reflects the product protection, decorative performance, but also constitutes an important factor in product value. The coating equipment is the coating process is a vital part. Painting equipment is divided into pre-coating surface pretreatment equipment, painting equipment, coating drying and curing equipment, mechanized conveying equipment, clean constant temperature and humidity for the wind equipment and other ancillary equipment.

2. the coating industry policy environment analysis

At present, the domestic coating industry is basically follow the market-oriented development model, the market-oriented enterprises to operate independently, the government functions of industry macro-control, industry associations to self-discipline. Industry macro-management functions by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce to assume, is responsible for the development of industrial policy, to guide the technological transformation. The state will carry out macro-control on the development of the industry through issuing the Guidance Catalog of Industrial Structure Adjustment and the Guidance of Priority Areas for High-tech Industrialization with Priority Development at present. The guiding and service functions of the industry are formulated by the Professional Committee of Coatings and Coatings of China Chemical Industry Association Responsible for the industry and market research, member companies of public services, industry self-management and on behalf of member companies to the government sector industry development proposals.

In recent years, China's surface treatment industry has developed rapidly, the national industrial policy to encourage surface treatment industry to high-tech direction, and the coating industry as an important component of the surface treatment industry, its downstream industries such as machinery industry, automobile industry, Steel industry, shipbuilding industry, aerospace industry, the construction industry have introduced the corresponding "second five" development plan, its future development is the important direction of high-tech, independent brands, energy saving and energy saving.

Painting industry is high energy consumption and high pollution industries. Therefore, with the economic growth and environmental degradation, the state will be more stringent requirements of waste disposal, has been introduced and has been implemented laws and regulations, including: "People's Republic of China Cleaner Production Promotion Law", "electronic information products The People's Republic of China Environmental Protection Law "," Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard "," Clean "," Pollution Control Management Measures "(the" Administrative Measures " Production audit Interim Measures "and a series of laws and regulations.

At the same time, to promote the development of the industry and standardize the industry standards, industry associations and policies also introduced a series of standards, such as "powder electrostatic spraying process safety", "electrostatic painting process safety", "electrostatic spray gun and auxiliary equipment safety Technical conditions "," spray room safety technical requirements "," coating drying room security technical requirements "," pre-painting process safety and ventilation purification "and so on. Here are some of the major standards in the coating industry, including the integrated standards, pre-treatment standards and process standards in three parts.

Into the "second Five-Year" period, automobile manufacturing and auto parts industry, coating line should be consistent with the People's Republic of China environmental protection industry standard HJ / T293-2006 "clean production standards for automobile manufacturing (painting)."

In response to Europe, the United States and other countries on the import of various types of industrial products, "green technology stack", the main policy direction is as follows:

◆ Where in the "second Five-Year" period of the new auto body coating line are required to meet the HJ / TQ293-2006 standard level (that is, the international advanced level of clean production) requirements.

◆ Where in the "second Five-Year" period of the transformation of automobile body coating line should be higher than the original level of cleaner production level.

◆ All new and expanded auto parts and other machinery industry coating line must meet the HJ / T293-2006 three (that is, the basic level of domestic cleaner production) requirements.

◆ All domestic qualified design institutes and institutes should be described in detail in the Feasibility Study Report, Extended Design and Construction Design, and calculate the power consumption (KW / h / (G / m2), the amount of organic waste gas (VOC) produced (g / m2)), the amount of waste water generated (m3 / m2), COD production (g / m2).

◆ relevant state departments to meet the requirements of clean production enterprises to paint products to be given a certain priority policy (due to water-based paint, high-solid coatings, UV coatings are higher than the cost of solvent coatings).

Overall, the "second five" automotive products and other mechanical coating technology and technology will be excellent performance, ease of construction, conservation of resources, energy conservation and environmental health "five E" principle-led development of the cause of paint coating industry . Environmental-friendly surface preparation, water-based paint coating, powder coating, light-cured coating and high-solid paint coating technology should be rapid development.

For details, please refer to the "Analysis Report on Market Demand Forecast and Strategic Investment Plan of China's Coating Industry in 2015-2020" published by Prospective Industry Research Institute.

3.the development of coating industry analysis

Painting is an important part of the surface manufacturing process of the product, it is an important means of anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Therefore, its application fields are extensive. Automobile, engineering machinery and ship are the three main application markets of coating industry. China's rapid industrial development, the three major industries will maintain a rapid development speed, will promote the rapid development of the coating industry. In addition, metal products, wood products, also need to paint protection, including home appliances, electronic products, construction, metal, furniture and railway vehicles, have a demand for painting.