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General treatment methods for spray paint exhaust

1. Overview

Painting is widely used in machinery, ceramics, sports equipment, cosmetics packaging, electrical equipment, household appliances, automobiles, ships, furniture and other industries clean automatic painting production line. Paint material - paint by the non-volatile and volatile components, non-volatile components, including film-forming substances and auxiliary film-forming substances, volatile components that solvents and thinners (mainly xylene).

Spraying of organic gases in the exhaust gas from the solvent and diluent evaporation, organic solvents will not attach to the paint with the paint on the surface, in the paint and curing process will be fully released to form organic emissions. Of which the amount of volatile xylene emissions accounted for about 30% of the amount of diluent, and another 70% in the drying process of evaporation.

Spray painting operations (automatic painting production line) in the coating and solvent after the formation of two-phase suspension of suspended solids diffuse into the surrounding air, polluting the air. The collection and separation of paint mist in the polluted air is an important method to improve the quality of painting, improve the environment of painting and achieve the requirements of environmental protection emission.

2.paint exhaust gas treatment technology

Paint spraying gas (Zuo Neng technology to provide exhaust gas treatment equipment), mainly composed of two parts, one liquid mist, and the second is the gaseous VOC (volatile organic compounds). For the liquid mist, the need to use in addition to paint mist device; but the water-soluble VOC, industrial mature technology should be "activated carbon adsorption + photocatalytic oxidation desorption combined exhaust gas purification system."

2-1.dry mist filter purification device

At present, in Europe and the United States developed countries, 80% of the spray booth are dry paint mist purification (dry paint cabinet), the important reason is that the comprehensive consideration of environmental protection. In addition, the dry paint mist purification to ensure that the spray paint performance, purification efficiency, reduce secondary pollution, reduce operating costs, also showed great advantages.

2-2. activated carbon exhaust gas purification device

Activated carbon exhaust gas purifier is a dry exhaust gas treatment equipment. Which is composed of a box body and an adsorption unit filled in the box body. According to the number of adsorption units and the amount of air can be a combination of different specifications, activated carbon exhaust gas purifier selection of different fillers can handle a variety of different emissions, mainly for paint and other organic waste gas purification. For the concentration of less than 1000mg / m3 after the exhaust emission purification meet the GB16297-1996 "Integrated Emission Standard for Air Pollutants".