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Automatic pre-processing equipment

  • Automatic pre-processing equipment
  • Automatic pre-processing equipment


Dusting equipment, also known as electrostatic dusting equipment, electrostatic spray equipment:

1 Overview:

① powder electrostatic spraying is the use of high-voltage electrostatic corona scene principle. In the gun head metal guide connected to the high-voltage negative pole, was sprayed workpiece ground to form a positive, so that the gun and the workpiece to form a strong electrostatic field. When the powder paint is sent from the powder supply tank through the powder tube to the guide rod of the spray gun as a carrier gas compressed air, a dense negative charge is generated in the vicinity of the corona discharge generated by the high voltage negative electrode , So that the powder with a negative charge, and into the electric field strength of high electrostatic field, in the electrostatic force and carrier gas dual role, the powder evenly to the ground surface to form a uniform thickness of the powder layer, and then heat curing conversion For the durability of the coating.

In short, positive (workpiece) and negative (dusting) to attract each other, so that dust evenly fly to the surface, the utilization rate is very high, up to 90%. The traditional powder spraying adopts high pressure air direct spray, the utilization rate is only 30-40%.

② workpiece: metal products (conductive objects), including iron products, aluminum products, such as stainless steel.

③ process: the first → pre-treatment → dehydration drying (150 ℃, 10min) → powder → curing (180 ℃, 20min) → cooling → finished lower

2. Dusting equipment by spraying methods Category: manual spraying, automatic spraying (up and down from the front and up +

3. Dusting equipment by delivery mode: chain type, tunnel plane, hanging

4. Dusting equipment, including: pre-treatment equipment, electrostatic powder gun, powder room, oven, transmission line.

⑴ pre-processing equipment: trough-type pre-treatment, online automatic processing.

⑵ electrostatic spray gun, also known as spray molding machine (gun + electrostatic generator + for powder and powder for the barrel).

There are two types: manual, automatic gun; domestic and imported.

Imports: Switzerland, Kinmen and Matsu, Germany Wagner, the British by way of the United States Nordson.

⑶ dusting room: manual spray room, automatic spray room

① manual spray room: cabinet + filter recovery system (exhaust fan + filter filter) + electronic control system

② automatic spray room by recycling methods are divided into: filter recovery, small cyclone recovery type, large cyclone recovery type

(4) Oven classified by dyes: electricity, fuel, gas, burning biological particles, coal, firewood

The use of cost from large to small as follows: electricity, fuel, gas, burning biological particles, coal, firewood

Production costs from large to small: gas, fuel, burning bio-particles, coal, wood, electricity

Environmental pollution in order from large to small: coal, wood, fuel, gas, burning biological particles, electricity

⑸ transmission line (both electronic control):

① chain: track + chain, inverter + motor + reducer, bracket, and so on.

② tunnel: mesh belt, strip type. Chain + sprocket, inverter + motor + reducer, rack and so on.

③ hanging: track + chain, inverter + motor + reducer, bracket and so on.

5. Matching products: air compressor, pre-treatment syrup, powder coating, spray gun.

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